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The MKSG Journal –– Issue #1

–The MKSG Journal–

You see, each issue of The MKSG Journal is put together by a world-class teacher –– a NOGI Submission Grappler,  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert. Pseudo-anonymously...

Every Issues includes a technical, informative analysis... offers a tactic, or tactics that you can implement straight away, in your game. Covering a broad range of interesting topics... all to help you gain a competitive edge, and foster your learning.

Not just techniques and mindset. But anything and everything regarding the art of learning NOGI Submission Grappling. Practical, do-it-today drills, tactics, strategies, and breakdowns... on the best grapplers this planet currently has to offer.

New Issues on the latest tournament competitions you'll find on Flo Grappling and UFC Fight Pass... and the freely available matches, that make their way to YouTube.

We bring you knowledgable recommendations. Personalized presentations. And point you in the right direction when it comes to things outside our wheel-box (We're NOGI Exclusive).

Right now, I'm sitting here... looking over the vast array of my private teaching materials. Things I've shared in discretion with heaps of clients and students.

Private journals dating as far back as 2011... and accompanying training videos.

Videos demonstrating the daily techniques I've learned from world champion athletes and head instructors, that teach at gyms you'd recognize in a heart beat.

There is page after page of brilliant, fascinating and insightful lessons –– containing information that has personally saved us YEARS of figuring it out on our own...

...and information we have digested, re-applied, and verified in competition––which we intent to share with you, here at The MKSG Journal.

A frequent column of tactical sequences to make you a better competitor... micro-technical lessons on how to break a human leg... over 33 ways of technically strangling a man nearly twice your size... and personal experiences on how, in seconds, I've had my foot broken by black belts... learned from it... and turned this technique into one of my fastest submissions.

And there’s so much more...

Much of the information that appears in The MKSG Journals, appears no where else. From training at THE world class gyms across the Eastern Coast of The United States since 2008 –– it's fair to say I've had a unique education on the skill of NOGI Submission Grappling.

Each Issue, publicly published... and at the time of this writing... FREELY available... will be shortened and sent to you direct via email.

Without delay, especially for your convenience–– we'll provide a quick link to take you to the full article — if you find the respective issue of value, and worth a closer look. Whenever you like.

Our plans to offer a fully-paid subscription service, has now turned into this publicly available Journal... for the time being! So, please –– take advantage while it lasts.

Remember –– it’s not just knowledge that is the difference between you and your competitors. Most importantly, it's the application of this knowledge... taking a good idea and making practical use of it. And good ideas are plenty, in every issue.

If you're one of those individuals that takes the extra step to improve. That goes the extra mile for a slight edge–to win–you've come to the right place for useful NOGI Submission Grappling information.



P.S. We continually reveal detailed information on how to put resisting people to sleep. Break limbs of human beings. And most importantly–– how to direct these efforts to WIN in numerous submission grappling situations. 

P.P.S. Disclaimer: Take what you will from this. And hold yourself accountable to the use of what you learn through The MKSG Journal. WE ARE NOT DOCTORS. NOT YOUR TRAINERS. AND ARE IN NO WAY accountable–– for any legal/personal ramifications you take on; as a result of the grappling skills you learned here.

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