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The MKSG Journal –– Issue #2

How To Learn AT LEAST 20%-50% Faster through YouTube Using This Free and Easy To Use Plugin


Issue #2 of The MKSG Journal, briefly describes my personal tactic of SYSTEMATICALLY leveraging YouTube’s media player features. To not only BEGIN to learn at a much faster rate… But, also TRAIN your brain to process information higher than normal!


What you’ll do is this…

Video Speed Controller –– Google Chrome Plugin

^ Alternatively, you can navigate to Google Chrome’s Web Store: and search “Video Speed Downloader (without the quotes!)

After you do that, meet me back here…


OK! So, this tactic allows you to seamlessly watch YouTube (Plus, the ever present HTML5 videos, on other sites!)––whenever you’re using your Chrome Browser.

Now that you have your plugin installed. You can quickly increase and decrease the rate at which your video plays—by pressing “S” and “D”––for slower or faster, respectively.

Give it a try!––make sure you installed you’ve followed my above instructions and installed the Video Speed Downloader Plugin already…

… then, open a link of a match you’d like to study!

Here’s a classic worth analyzing:

Garry Tonon vs. Rousimar Palhares: courtesy of Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu Invitational!

If you liked this!–– Check out The MKSG Journal Issue #3 for intermediate tips & tricks, using this same tactic I just covered…

…and get specifics on how to make your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studying even more effective! Go here for Issue #3

Keep rolling,


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