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The MKSG Journal –– Issue #3

So, you’ve just read through Issue #2…

… and now you’re salivating for more tips, to advance your learning?

Right on!

In this Issue of The MKSG Journal, I’m covering some intermediate tips I think you’ll enjoy––and of course, tips that you can start using immediately!

Before we begin…. If you haven’t read Issue #2, do that NOW and come back to this Issue… else this’ll make ZERO sense to you. Go here to catch up: The MKSG Journal Issue #2 and follow the steps!

Alright. Check this out: 

Part I

  • S - decrease playback speed.
  • D - increase playback speed.
  • Z - rewind video by 10 seconds.
  • X - advance video by 10 seconds. 

This “panel” above, is your simplified key to all the efficient goodness, you’re about to embark on––

My “favorite” shortcuts are S and D.

S = Slow video playback speed

D = Increase video playback speed (When I first started this; I thought of D, as in DIET… Diet, meaning Fast… cough…)

Start with the S & D shortcut keys for a few days… or maybe even a week!

Because Z & X… although useful, indeed!–– aren’t as intuitive as the YouTube built-in rewind and fast-forward features…

… you can ALREADY use your keyboard’s LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys, to rewind and fast-forward, respectively! Without having to learn anything in addition!

So, I want you to keep things simple in the beginning…

 … And work your way into using Z & X… ONLY when the S & D shortcuts become intuitive (second nature)… and actually… ONLY IF you’re a nerd like me, and want that extra efficiency, without having to move your right hand over to the arrow keys! 

Part II:

Going a little bit more advanced here. Well worth it, for the savvy user!...

Go Into your Google Chrome Extension Settings by pasting this into your Google Chrome browser: chrome://extensions

Or alternatively––you can navigate to Google Chrome's Extensions manually, by clicking on Window and selecting Extensions. See photo:


You can quickly visually double check that Video Speed Controller Plugin is turned on:


Click Details, to go to Video Speed Controller’s Settings Page.


Then, scroll down a little bit afterward…

I personally turn on Incognito Mode functionality for this plugin… because I often use YouTube in Incognito Mode… but, that’s just me. NOT required! See photo:

And, as you scroll down further…

… you can click Extension Options to edit your advanced shortcut settings. Should you want! So, click Extension Options––I highlighted it in yellow.


Aaaaand after clicking Extension Options, you’ll get to these settings:

From here ^, input your own preferred settings, and play around with it, as you like…

For example… you can set your “Preferred Speed” to 1.5 (aka 50% faster than the normal playback speed), as shown here. And the shortcut key is G!

 It’s useful to have the settings set to rewind or advance by 10 (seconds) or 5 (seconds)…

just make sure!—you test it out, after messing with the settings…

… you might like the 10 seconds rewind, like how I have, if you tend to playback video at a higher rate (1.5x and more)... else, you'll find yourself rewinding with the Left Arrow Key 2-3 times, instead of just once!


Alright! That’s it for Issue #3 of The MKSG Journal!

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Keep rolling,


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