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Our 110% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Let us take all the risk with your purchase today! Where applicable, such as a major fault on our part like a product defect, or the wrong product delivered to you!... we'll return your purchase amount for that product in full!

Plus 10% off your product purchase, attributed to a future order of yours!

For less than major issues, contact us anyway, and we'll make things right for you!

We're committed to bringing you high quality, unique products. If for ANY reason you're not satisfied with your order within 60 days of delivery––reach out to so we can give you a hand.

We have strict Quality Control redundancy measures, that we regularly enforce and update... At times, a graphic may misprint or a thread may come loose... Things happen!––and when they do, be sure to contact our support team and we'll get right on it!

– Signed, MKSG

P.S. To further expedite your service... please include the following, in your opening email:

  • Include your order #
  • Mention the product name and size
  • Please attach a photo, or two
  • And a brief summary of how we can help!
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